General Questions

What if You can't answer my question?

Yes, there are questions we can't answer. That being said, it's rarely the case. Our pilot expert partner Delphy has a total number of 240 consultants, working in a vast range of crops, regions and cultivation techniques. They have seen a lot over the years and are happy to offer you some help. And if we cannot help you at all, we won’t charge you.

What if I don't like the answer or it doesn't help me?

Honesty and sincerity are our core values. We give our answers based on years of experience with the best growers in the world. But if you face severe problems within your operation, they might have a multitude of causes and might require longer periods of joint work towards a solution. We'll always make sure to give you actionable advice and if it's going to take longer to solve a more serious problem, we'll tell you right away. And hey: you can always get your money back if we cannot answer your question.

How do you use my data?

We're really sensitive about your data and treat it with respect. Your profile and questions will only be visible to you, us and our consultants, to no one else.

What if I want to work more closely with a consultant?

There is no lock-in with Farmee Experts. You can join, pause or leave any time you'd like. You can choose to move to a closer relationship with Delphy or any other consultant if you like to do so. Our main goal is to help you grow.

Crops and Cultivation

Why do you only offer advice for certain crops?

The more experience a consultant has with a specific crop type, the more know-how he has and the better he can help you. That is why we guarantee the highest quality of consultancy only for certain crops at the moment. But we will continuously increase the number of consultants and crops in the future. If you have any trouble with crops that are not on our list, please don’t hesitate to contact us anyway via E-mail ( and we will see what we can do for you.

Is Farmee Experts restricted to hydroponics?

Yes, we currently focus on hydroponic cultivation to give you the best advice possible. This is just a first step, though. We have great plans to offer advice for every plant in every place of the world, soon.

Questions on Pricing

How can you make Farmee Experts so affordable?

We work with the best consultants in the field and offer highly professional advice for proffesional growers around the globe. But we make the work of these consultants a whole lot more efficient by using semantic analysis and clustering every question into well formatted databases. By doing so, we can automate a lot of the redundant work people are doing manually today. This makes it easier for the consultant to work faster and for a broader range of customers. For you, as a farmer or grower, this means you get the same quality of advice for less money.

Why is Farmee Experts still so expensive?

We think it is a fair price. Because we offer professional advice for professional growers. We can automate some things, but in the end there is still an experience agronomist spending his time to answer your questions. These people are all well-educated, very experienced and it is the job they do for a living. If you are a hobby gardener, for example, there might be better suited sources of knowledge, but if you run a professional operation, we believe our service is of immense value for you.