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“We simply can’t afford bad advice.”

Jenny and Marc, Urban City Greens

“Knowledge still is the biggest problem in agriculture today.”

Jacco van der Wekken, CEO Delphy Groep B.V.

Our mission is to build an online platform dedicated to answering questions of farmers and growers worldwide. And we made sure it is affordable for everyone. This is why we invented the first remote consulting platform for hydroponic horticulture, greenhouses and indoor farms.

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Ask your crop- or plant-related question using text, images, videos or other files - from anywhere in the world! Experts works from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer with an internet connection.


Our certified agronomists give you a professional answer you can easily understand and put into practice. Every answer is structured into diagnosis, solution and additional information. Simple and effective, no time and money wasted.

Instant Access To The World‘s Best Agronomists


Our advice is tailored to your individual situation. Your profile tells us what we need to know, to give you the best advice.


What you ask is between you and your consultant. No one else can see your questions and answers.


Every location has a specific climate, crops and other individual factors we take into account.

Matching consultants

We will always match a consultant to your questions that has knowledge about your location, crop and cultivation technique.

Data integration via public APIs coming soon! We're working hard so you don't have to input sensor measurements yourself. Stay tuned!

Let's Talk

Let's Talk

Crop Selection

Farmee Experts currently offers advice for leafy greens, including all sorts of lettuces, herbs and microgreens, as well as tomatoes, cucumbers and soft fruits like strawberries, raspberries or blackberries. We currently focus on hydroponic cultivation in greenhouses or indoor farms. This is just a start, more crops will follow, soon. What crop would you like to see next?

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